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Congressional Snow Nose Radel Behind the Eight Ball

Florida Congressman Henry “Trey” Radel now joins Toronto mayor Rob Ford on the list of elected officials who used booze as a gateway drug to cocaine. Radel, for those of you who don’t watch “the news”, was busted and copped a plea to cocaine possession. Ford ironically, has yet to be criminally charged with possession, but I digress. Radel is a lesson in how American congress-folks are just so very different from the rest of us.

This clown got busted with 3.5 grams of blow. That’s an eight ball in street parlance.

If you or some ordinary person you know were to get busted with an equivalent amount, I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to plead out to a year’s probation and a $250.00 fine. And your job, if you were working? Gone, for sure.

Trey Radel doesn’t have such worries, however. He didn’t even entertain the idea of stepping down, simply saying he’s going into rehab and coming back to make laws.


His fearless leader, House Speaker John Boehner? He says Radel’s buy and bust is a personal matter. Whatever.

What exactly does this guy have on the House boss anyway? Now here’s something worth considering. Usually, when somebody gets busted with a hard drug like cocaine, the police want to know more than a confession of possession.

Since Radel’s dealer apparently ratted him out, he couldn’t flip that way. And still, if it’s true Radel told cops he bought for a person or other people, wouldn’t it be interesting to know who? And wouldn’t he face a selling charge in some jurisdictions?

Trey Radel is a self described conservative who claims to listen to hip hop for inspiration. My guess is that would get him much sympathy from urban youth, but it does bring into focus an interesting paradox. Radel signed on to a House bill urging states to drug test food stamp recipients.

As one of our regular WWRL Morning Show callers put it, “how about they drug test members of Congress?”

And while we’re at it, who pays for Trey Radel’s rehab?

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