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Should Qaddafi and Ahmadinejad Speak at UN?

By the look and feel of US media coverage, the bosses of Libya and Iran ought to be the world’s most wanted. “Libyan Loon”, “Evil Ahmadinejad”, the tabloid headlines scream. As if calling these people names will somehow hasten their departure from the world stage. It’s ironic that Qaddafi (there are still at least a dozen ways to spell his name) will be following President Barack Obama to the podium at the UN General Assembly Wednesday. It’s been his embrace of the released Lockerbie bomber and his quest to pitch his tent somewhere in the New York area that’s refocused attention on him.

There are local officials in the New York hamlet of Bedford that are as we speak descending on an estate reportedly owned by Donald Trump. They’ll be inspecting the tent Qadaffi has pitched there, with an eye toward making him take it down because he didn’t get a permit. Nothing to do with politics, you understand. They’re just upholding the law.


As for Ahmadinejad, his constant denials of the Holocaust are reason enough for most people to find his presence here distasteful at best. And believe me, that is good reason. To top it off, he’s got significant problems at home, where there are still significant numbers of people who think he stole the last election. He’ll be center stage Wednesday afternoon, and several nations have promised to walk out of his speech if he starts ranting.


That leaves a larger question. Why are these guys even here addressing the world body? Their statements and actions d

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