Mark’s Music Room

Music is my passion. For me, there is no such thing as genres.

I appreciate all music, in all languages and from all cultures. I hope you enjoy my playlists. Please leave your comments and suggest new music.

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One thought on “Mark’s Music Room”

  1. You might have to dig deep in your archives , we met many moons ago , your younger brother ed was a teacher back then he introduced us ,i was interested in radio and he tried to find an internship and get me some insight , not sure but you started a family back then, talk about your plate being full , don’t know how you did it ,i tried to stay on course but the road had to many detours,well i could go and on but ill spare you . any way, hope your brother is well, and send him my regards , although the time we spent was brief , ill never forget you guys.
    thank you.

    A.Ripen, a.k.a. Spank

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