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The importance of the 2012 election

This election is by far the most important of my lifetime.

At stake is the very soul of America, and the direction the nation will choose for decades to come.

But the presidential election is not the only agenda item. There a few other races…just a few… that will also shape the direction of our government for many years to come!

Our President oversees the Executive Branch, but there is also the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch (Congress).

The House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Out of the 100 members of the Senate, 33 of them are up for reelection in 2012. Of those 33, 23 of them are Democrats (which includes 2 Independents).

As for the House of Representatives, they are made up of 435 members, with the Republicans holding a 242 to 193 majority. In November 2012, all 435 of those members will be up for reelection.

Will the economy rebound to pre-recession levels? Will the country get sucked into another protracted war? All these questions will be answered not just by who the nation elects as its president, but by the makeup of the Congress as well.

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Money & Politics: Does Occupying work?

The perception that money rules the nation’s political agenda isn’t new, and well pre-dates the Citizen’s United decision.

What is new is the response to it. Occupy Wall Street has played a unique and defining role in making everyday Americans realize the political process is no longer theirs.

The level and intensity of pushback against money as a free speech issue has the potential to redefine politics in this country.

Mark Riley has interviewed numerous Occupy-ers and bring global perspective to the strategy.


Mark Riley and Rev. Al Sharpton broadcast from Occupy Wall Street

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The coarsening of American culture

(Media, journalism, TV, Marketing)

Each successive generation feels the one following it has been responsible for a decline of civility and a lessening of cultural values. However, it appears as if the pace of change — for the worse — has quickened.

The examples of slavish devotion to people with no discernable talent are too numerous to mention. Yet we also see people finding all manner of ways to justify outrageous behavior.

It’s not enough to point the finger of blame at reality TV, or hip hop, or many of the other usual suspects. Fact is, in order to find the cause of and possibly arrest the downward spiral of US culture, one must start by looking in a mirror.


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