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Mark Riley is an award-winning broadcast journalist with 30+ years of experience hosting and directing news/talk radio programs in the #1 Media market –New York City.

He is known for his adept skill to recall facts and statistics ranging from politics to pop culture, and he is considered a pioneer of African American broadcast journalists .

Mark’s first on-air radio opportunity was as host of the public affairs program Urban Notebook. With his broad knowledge base and sharp debate skills, the program skyrocketed in popularity throughout the New York tri-state area. In 1986, Riley moved to the prime time morning slot and broadcast live from the world famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Since that time, Riley has worked his way up through a spectrum of roles including writer, editor, managing editor, executive editor, and program director.

During his tenure as program director (New York’s WLIB (1190 AM 1992-1996), Riley identified the diversity of his target audience and set out to establish more balance between the African American and Caribbean dimensions of the station’s programming. Riley also forged the station’s efforts to enhance listener awareness in the political arena, anchoring full coverage of all Democratic and Republican conventions since 1990, as well as coverage of both Democratic Inaugurals in Haiti.

At WLIB, he is known for 30 years of consistently bringing A-list guests to his microphone; often giving voice to dignitaries and accomplished celebrities whom otherwise would not be heard.

In 2004, when WLIB changed formats,  Mark joined the Air America Radio network where he co-hosted the syndicated ‘Morning Sedition’ along with comedian Marc Maron.  Morning Sedition still maintains a loyal following to this day.

When Air America Radio closed, Mark Riley returned to the news/talk format at WWRL 1600 where he once again led Morning Drive.

Television & Radio
In addition to radio, Riley is a popular TV political analyst with frequent appearances on television.

Mark Riley is currently a regular contributor to BBC Live Five, and hosts The Mark Riley Show on The Progressive Radio Network, Wednesdays, 6pm EST.

Riley has also appeared as a commentator on BET, CNN, The Charles Grodin Show, CNN’s Reporters Roundtable, the Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes, The CBS Early Show, and MSNBC.

International credits include work as a frequent contributor for BBC Radio and a documentary producer for the BBC2 in London.TV Credits (Political Pundit): The Lou Dobbs Show/CNN * WCBS Mornings  * The Fox News Channel * New York 1 News * BBC Radio London  * BBC Up All Night * BBC Live at Five * Channel 4 UK * The Tavis Smiley Show/BET * Both Sides with Jesse Jackson * The Charles Grodin Show  * Caribbean Lifestyles TV

Appearances: VH1s NY77 The Coolest Year in Hell/Dir. Henry Corra; A Decade Under The Influence/Dir. Gini Reticker; Love Saves The Day/Author Tim Lawrence

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7 thoughts on “About Mark Riley”

  1. Hi Mark, thanks for the link to the Friggin Loon. I am bookmarking as we speak. Of course I am a follower of your twitter too!

  2. Mark,
    We take any and all over at In One Ear… Out the Other. Just write something up in a word document, including all the hyperlinks and pictures and e-mail it to me, I’ll be sure to post it. We’ve got basically the same rules on inflammatory remarks everyone does, but judging from your work here, that won’t be a problem. Enjoy your blog!

    Oh, feel free to include a 2 or 3 sentence bio and I’ll include that as well. Blog pimping welcome too.

  3. Got the link and book marked it brother. I will be checking you out now on the regular! Peace and forever Macumba Death Squad

  4. Hi Mark,
    Just a quick one. Some of my friends have been getting a little frustrated with your twitter feeds. They are being sent to your website site not to your blog entry. When you have finished a post click onto it and copy and paste the url in the address menu… eg this url is http://markrileymedia.wordpress.com/about/ . Then paste it into the twitter box.
    OK, I am going to let you in on a little secret. To make Twitter so much more easier download Tweetdeck http://tweetdeck.com/beta/ so you can manage your followers and who you are following so much easier. This deck also allows you to shorten your URL’s to tinyurls allowing you to write a longer comment. Urgh, I know I am probably bamboozling you with techno dribble but if you can get someone to help you with it you’ll discover it is so much more fun. I have you on my fav group so every time you post I can see it (so I can retweet you). I have broken up who I am following into groups, one for news, one for humor etc now I am able to select only the people I am really interested in and follow them instead of a big mass of unknowns. Anyone who retweets me I place in my fav group as they are interested in my tweets.
    OK I think I have rambled enough for one comment. Have a great day and be kind to snails.
    The Loon!

  5. Loon….thanks so much for clueing me in….I really have no idea but this is a great tip. I’ll try to follow your advice step by step, but can i ask you a favour….if you don’t see a diff in about two days, it’s a problem on my end and i would really appreciate you pulling my coat. Bottom line, i’m just a guy with ideas and content….mastering the technology is a whole ‘nother subject! ps…you had sent me a couple of messages and I’m still trying to sort how to ‘reply’ without the whole world reading…..hahahahahahhahahahahha!

  6. Hi Mark,

    Great to see you still in the “informed opinion” business. Your style of commentary has inspired by efforts over at MyBrooklynReport.com. You’ve been missed on the air and glad to see you guest spot on the 1600 WWRL Morning Show for Erroll Louis from time to time.

    Will add you to our blog roll, as well as follow you on Twitter.

    Keep up great work and look forward to thought provoking content from you.

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