How Many “I’s” in Politician?



I’ve written before on this blog about the “me first” attitude of too many politicians. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who live in mortal fear of taking a principled position lest it makes someone angry enough to challenge them in a primary. Over the last little while, it’s been Republicans who have shut down the government rather than anger a constituency that might back an insurgent. Now, to coin a phrase, the worm has turned.

A number of House and Senate Democrats are screaming bloody murder about glitches in the Affordable Care Act Website. No real problems there. The site isn’t working as well as it should, and people have a right to be upset. Some of these elected officials, however, only pay lip service to being outraged on behalf of their constituents. Their real concern is themselves, and whether Obamacare will be their cross to bear come election time.

Don’t get me wrong. Self preservation is essential to all humanity. So is affordable healthcare, come to think of it. And so it was that 16 Democratic senators met with President Obama to warn of a “crisis of confidence” if the Website isn’t up and running, and soon. And wait, there’s more.

The promise of consumers being able to keep policies they’re comfortable with apparently hasn’t been met in many cases, and that’s led some Democrats to call for various bills to either restore canceled policies or delay the rollout deadlines for the program (or both).

I wish I could say that all involved were truly looking out for their constituents, but when I hear anonymous folks close to the situation talk about “messaging” and next year’s elections, I have to wonder if this whole thing is just about politics, and the way things work inside the Beltway. I know the GOP agenda here. That much is clear. They want to use every single glitch in the healthcare rollout to create a pathway to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and re-elect themselves at the same time.

So what’s the Democrats’ agenda?
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