Land and Nugent- American Idiots

Perhaps Perhaps we should have expected that as the presidential race got clear and focused, we’d be hearing more nonsense coming from those who want to see Barack Obama lose.

Trouble is, these surrogates (as opposed to supporters) can’t even get their crazed rants straight.

Two of the latest are the aged rocker Ted (my next hit song is coming) Nugent, and the alleged religious broadcaster Dr. Richard Land. In a way, their demented ravings have a lot in common.
Nugent goes off at the National Rifle Association convention, calling the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State criminals.He then opined about America’s defiance of kings and emperors. “We are partriots, we are bravehearts”, says Nugent. Never mind that the Braveheart saga was a movie that purported to deal with historical events in SCOTLAND! Why let facts get in the way of insanity? Or is Nugent crazy like a fox? Since the basis of these rants is pure speculation, suppose Ted Nugent, surrogate of Mitt Romney, said what he did in order to foster a revival of his long dead rock career? Just asking.

Just as bad is Dr. Richard Land, a religious broadcaster and major domo in the Southern Baptist Convention. He decides to speculate that President Obama’s experession of concern about the killing of Trayvon Martin is somehow linked to a plot to turn out the black vote in November. His evidence? OOOPS, he doesn’t have any. But that doesn’t stop him any more than it stopped Ted Nugent. Yet Land went one step further. He plagarized large amounts of his on air rant from an editorial in the Washington Times. Unlike Nugent, Land did apologize, for the plagarism, and for what he said about the Martin case (which really wasn’t his original idea anyway).

You can bet this type of slander is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll see between now and November. Notice also, as my friend Jonathan Capehart pointed out in the Washington Post, that as of Wednesday morning, Mitt Romney has yet to be Velcroed to the remarks of either Nugent or Land, as Barack Obama was to the remarks of Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen about Ann Romney. American idiocy comes in many shapes and forms, races and creeds. It’s not limited to the left or right of the political spectrum. I simply choose to point out the nonsense of the latter. There’s a whole media hemisphere that does the opposite.

Let them justify these remarks. I can’t. Can you?

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