Supercomittee… Epic Fail!

If ever there was a cynical, transparent creation in recent political memory, it has to be the so-called supercommittee that’s just imploded in Washington.

From the minute this foolishness was announced, anyone with eyes could see it was doomed to failure. That wouldn’t be just ordinary failure, but, in the words of G4 TV, EPIC FAIL (this cable channel actually has a segment called that)!

So this supercommittee, charged with figuring a way to cut $1.2 trillion dollars from the nation’s budget, came up with nothing.

The traditional rationale is that Democrats wouldn’t agree to gutting programs like Social Security and Medicare, while Republicans swore a blood oath not to raise taxes on anybody, regardless of wealth. And yes, all of that is true.

Yet it obscures the issue at hand. When will politicians start to take their work seriously? When will the GOP move off its agenda of making President Barack Obama look bad so they can recapture the White House? And when will Democrats devise a winning strategy for truly speaking to the concerns of the American people?

From the day the supercommittee was announced, it was doomed to failure and all the players knew it. It wasn’t created with a tiebreaker (a 13th vote- too partisan), and unless somebody was ready to compromise nothing was going to happen. So now the American people have a series of automatic cuts to look forward to just after next year’s presidential election (note the timing).

As is typical of congressional tap dancing, there are now some people who voted to create the supercommittee in the first place who now want to create an out such that the committee’s fail has no consequences at all. They don’t want to see the military budget cut (check and see how many have big defense contractors in their home states), and they’re willing to risk looking like complete hypocrites to accomplish that goal.

President Obama is right to say he’ll veto any attempt to do an end around the mandatory spending cuts. If only he’d gotten hard with these folks a bit earlier.
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One thought on “Supercomittee… Epic Fail!”

  1. “So this supercommittee, charged with figuring a way to cut $1.2 trillion dollars from the nation’s budget, came up with nothing.”

    That’s because the only solution that can quickly turn this situation around is illegal. As long as legislators have to pretend not to know that the hemp solution can help fix just about every problem we are facing, they will continue to be fools before God.

    Hemp’s 50,000 products, 10 companies per product, 10 jobs per company, can quickly make 5 million jobs. Hemp medicine has zero deaths associated with it’s use and over 5,000 years of recorded effective medical uses. Hemp building materials are strong, for example, hemp plastic is, according to Henry Ford, 10 times stronger than steel. Hemp foods are delicious, nutritious and grow quickly. Hemp paper not only saves trees, but lasts hundreds of years, as demonstrated by the Gutenberg Bible. Hemp biofuel and biomass burn clean to create energy and clean water. Since hemp is America’s number one cash crop already, the tax income alone would generate a substantial income. Savings of a million non-violent prisoners in jail for simple possession, would heal entire families.

    As demonstrated by the super committee follies, sending fools to do a job that requires wisdom is straight out of the Peter Plan. POTUS Obama should be implementing the crop financed hemp solution now.

    J. Nayer Hardin´s last blog post ..The Speech Kennedy Never Delivered

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