When Will Republicans Start Acting Like Grownups?

Somebody ought to tell the Republicans in Congress they no longer are in the majority.

It’s as if everything they do (or don’t do) should capture the rapt attention of the American people. John Boehner, the House minority leader, says his GOP colleagues will come up with a healthcare reform proposal soon.

How soon? Soon.

What’ll be in it? Don’t ask.

One thing’s for sure. Boehner says the 46 million people who don’t currently have health insurance shouldn’t hold their breath waiting to be covered under this new GOP plan.

And then, the Party of No goes even further. While the country’s focus has been on healthcare, the GOP has been trying to undermine any climate change legislation that might turn up in the House or Senate. Some of them think the whole concept of global warming is a hoax. So they do what comes naturally. They threaten. Ranking Republicans on six Senate committees crafting a climate change bill want additional studies done before they vote on any bill.

If they don’t get their way, according to Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, ranking Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, they’ll boycott any proceedings. Inhofe is one of those who doesn’t believe in global warming. That should tell you in a nutshell what Senate Republicans’ real agenda is. They want to study climate change to death.

Never mind the Environmental Protection Agency did an exhaustive study of the problem. That isn’t good enough for the Party of No. I guess President Obama must have gotten rid of some of those EPA folks from the Bush years. You know, the ones who allegedly altered reports that called global warming an important issue. To her credit, the chair of the environment committee, Sen. Barbara Boxer, vows to press on with or without her infantile colleagues from across the aisle.

Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer

This should be an abject lesson to those Democrats in Congress who find common cause so often with the GOP. These people aren’t interested in any form of bipartisanship. They’ve shown it time and time again. Those who step out of line are branded traitors, or worse. If only the party in power could see its way clear to vote as a disciplined block, we might start to see the change we’ve been looking for.

Until then, do we really have to put up with Republican Senators like Pat Roberts, who asked for a 72 hour delay in considering the healthcare reform bill so lobbyists could have their say? Or James Inhofe, who hides behind the mask of wanting to study climate change when all he wants to do is kill any effort to cut greenhouse gases?

What in the world did we do to deserve this?

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