Christopher Columbus, friend or foe?

Hey friends, I have two big meetings in New York City today so I give you my page to express YOUR thoughts on Columbus Day.

Christopher Columbus is a controversial figure for some who question his ‘discovery’ of the Americas. For Native Americans, it is a day of mourning, for Italians it’s a chance to celebrate culture. For many it’s a day off, and for others it’s just another working day with less traffic.

What are you doing? Celebrating? Relaxing? Going to work as usual? The one thing we can probably all agree on is that Columbus had a pioneering spirit. What about you? Would you sail the world in search of a new frontier for your country?

Post your thoughts here, and when I get back tonight I will post my comment to YOUR opinions.
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3 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus, friend or foe?”

  1. Christopher Columbus didn’t discover the Americas. He wasn’t even the first European to ‘stumble upon’ the Americas. Norwegian Vikings voyaged to the Americas some 500 years before Columbus in 1000 C.E. The Chinese possibly voyaged to America in 1421 C.E. He just happened to be the first Itlain Explorer to ‘stumble upon’the Americas. We tend to get the word ‘discovered’ stuck in our heads as if it’s only legitimate when European explorers land on foreign soil. We all know that the indigenous peoples in the Carribean and the Americas were the first people to discover the Western Hemisphere tens of thousands of years before the arrival of the Vikings, the Chinese, and Columbus. Apparently Columbus Day doesn’t mean much to Montgomery County, MD and its public school district. We have to work and/or go to school Columbus Day.

  2. I would have been at work, but I’m home sick today.

    Celebrating, however, is something I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing on this day anymore. Once I learned the reality of the consequences of Christopher Columbus “discovery” of America, it became a very mixed bag for me.

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