Kill Obama Poll on Facebook. Should Poster Go To Jail?

Yes, there was a user-generated poll on Facebook posing the question “Should Obama be killed?” Reports say a blogger at The Political Carnival noticed it, wrote about it, then alerted the Secret Service.

As of Monday, it was taken down, and yes, the Secret Service is probing just who posted it in the first place. Yet the boldness of such a question on THE most prominent social networking site Brings up a host of other questions.

Why do some people feel empowered to believe that, because they disagree with a president’s policies, he should be killed? Sure, there have always been a tiny number of people who felt this way, and an even smaller number who have acted on it. Yet what we’re seeing is something deeper and more virulent. It’s as if Barack Obama’s presence in the White House has unleashed a wellspring of pent up hatred.

This hatred, it must be said, has been fueled by the fanaticism of some right wing radio and television hosts. These folks and their supporters will adamantly deny they have any role at all in the Obama hating. Yet guns and ammunition are being purchased in record numbers, and some people are acting as though talking about killing the President of the United States is protected free speech.

These toads can say they’re entertainers, and their hatred is protected by the First Amendment. They’d be right on both counts. However, there is the small issue of acting in a responsible manner, and making your opposition clear while avoiding language that can trigger people to take violent action. Trust me, it’s not that hard to do.

Right now we don’t know who posted that assassination poll on Facebook. It could have been some bored kid, or it could have been a person with more sinister intentions. Either way, the poster used an add-on application, meaning that once it was taken down, the responses to the poll are no longer available. Despite the fact that I’m an idiot when it comes to computers, I have a feeling the Secret Service will find a way to figure out who posted it.


Which leads to the question, is the poll itself criminal? Certainly advocating that President Obama be killed is,but if whoever did this has a good lawyer, I’m sure the argument will be made that he or she wasn’t advocating anything. However, maybe that’s not the point. Why is anyone asking in a public forum whether our President should be killed? The answer to that question could go a long way toward explaining the hate that seems to flow from some at the mention of his name.

So, you tell me. Should the person who posted the poll on assassinating President Obama go to jail?
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10 thoughts on “Kill Obama Poll on Facebook. Should Poster Go To Jail?”

  1. I believe that this person should be jailed for a threat on the Presidents life. I believe that would be a life sentence

  2. Not only should the author of the poll be investigated, but so should all those who voted affirmatively. FB is a public forum, it’s not like they could, or wanted to vote anonymously.

  3. I believe damage is been done to America since Barry Soetero Barack Hussein Obama came to the White House. Remember Mr. Soetero, hasn’t prove he is an American Citizen, remember; Mr., Barry Soetero, has paid over a milion US dollars (if not even more) to keep top secret his identity. So all this tell me nothing more that Barack soetero Hussein Obama, or whatever his name might be, has committed a crime against the constitution of the United States of America, and yes should be prosecuted for treason.
    No, I don´t believe the person who posted that poll, should go to jail, neither I believe none of those who took the poll. Barry Soetero Barack Hussein Obama, should come clean with the American people before he thinks he isn´t a target of opinion. And once more, Barry Soetero Barack Hussein Obama (or whatever his name might be) hasn´t prove he is a US Citizen.

  4. I don’t know if a question is a threat. But this country has
    a history of political assassination….I was buying my trousseau of 2 dresses when the radio in the store announced
    JFK’s murder….I was in Denver in 1968, when first spouse and other organizers were in the street when MLKing Jr was shot…

    Scary stuff. I don’t know how it should be handled. I’ll now read other comments. Your posting, Mark Riley, is good.

  5. Hello Mark Riley and friends. I have missed blogging lately. Interesting post here.
    I have been working for the Commerce dept temporarily, and have been fingerprinted and background checked by the FBI. Apparently I passed…HA!
    Anyway, my point is that they do have the time, people and motive to at least check this out.

    Also, I’m quite proud that intelligent people here are not responding to Johnny.

    I agree with David, and I also note that he has included his full name.
    Well said David.
    .-= sekanblogger´s last blog ..ARVON PHILLIPS update =-.

  6. I accept as true that there are some intellectual people, and some who aren´t, an excellent hypothesis. I suppose sekanbloger is an intellectual person, and that he also believes it isn´t obligatory a respond, for the reason that the note went from beginning to end.

  7. Hello Johhny.
    The sentence structure (and exact meaning) are kind of a mystery on sentence two there.

    In general though, you are allowed to believe as you wish.
    If you believe Mr. Obama is not an American, then so be it.
    I will not argue with you.
    .-= sekanblogger´s last blog ..REPUBLICAN STRATEGY =-.

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