Who’s Afraid of ACORN?

Just as important, why are so many going after the organization? You would think they’d stuck up Ft. Knox the way conservatives and a lot of lawmakers who should know better are screaming, crying, and voting. The Senate voted by a huge majority to block ACORN from receiving federal funds. 49 Democrats signed on to this, doubtless spurred by the ridiculous “sting” operation that rightly cost four employees their jobs.


Once they figured out what ACORN stood for, and what their work as about, it’s only natural that the organization would become a target. What they do, you see, is organize the poor, the disenfranchised, that great mass of people politicians ignore when they cry out about the problems of the middle class. I have known Bertha Lewis, ACORN’s CEO, for a good many years. She is hands down the best grassroots organizer in New York City. That’s precisely what makes her and ACORN so dangerous.

They tried to gut the group during last year’s presidential race. In fact, they tried to link President Obama to ACORN through some legal work he did for them back in 1995. Lawmakers had little taste for defunding them over allegations of voter fraud, allegations that by and large turned out to be untrue. So what changed?

Was it really the work of two conservative “operatives”, who dressed as pimp and ho, went to several ACORN offices and asked for advice on buying a home? Those employees should have been fired for not being able to spot such an obvious ruse in the first place. Beyond that, however, exactly what has ACORN done to bring such heat? The Census Bureau dropped them like a bad habit. It’s true 11 employees in Florida were arrested on  voter fraud charges, but ACORN itself alerted authorities to that alleged fraud.

Fact is, there are any number of agencies and companies that receive government funding whose employees have engaged in questionable if not criminal conduct. Does anyone remember Blackwater? ACORN claims to have more than 600 workers in 110 cities. Even if two dozen of them were bad apples, does that make the group toxic?

It sure does if you have a political agenda. Getting poor people registered to vote and to the polls is ACORN’s major sin in the eyes of those who want to keep those same people off the rolls. It’s a shame that so many Democrats who ought to know better jumped on the bandwagon, perhaps to avoid the wrath of right wing talk show hosts. They ought to know this, however. All this won’t stop Bertha Lewis. She’s been around too long, and worked too hard to let these fools beat her down.

What do you think? Will defunding ACORN kill the organization?

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