World Trade Center. Were we told the truth about 911?

It’s been eight years since America experienced its most traumatic event, the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks. The more than 3000 people who lost their lives that day haven’t been forgotten, nor should they ever be. There are still those, however, who question whether the American people were told the whole truth about what happened that terrible day.


Some, but certainly not all of those who question the “official” version of 9-11 can be characterized as conspiracy theorists. That is, people who see the hand of the US government playing some undefined yet malevolent role in the attacks. I’ve talked to some of them, and in their own way they are as strident in their belief as the birthers, the town hall screamers, and the tea party participants.

They aren’t, however, all those who think there’s more to 9-11 than we’ve been told. They may not even be the majority. Here in New York City, 80,000 signatures have been gathered to demand a thorough, non government sponsored investigation of the attacks. While this may only be an indicator of how little some folks trust their own government, it shouldn’t be written off as some lunatic fringe either.


There are questions, both technical and political, that have yet to answered about 9-11, and this country’s response to it. Listing them all here would take up too much time and space. The real question is whether they deserve to be probed and  answered?
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