How Did Phillip Garrido Keep His Secret?

The sordid story of Phillip Garrido, convicted sex offender and alleged kidnapper and rapist, boggles the mind.

Here you have a career criminal who manages to snatch an 11 year old girl off the street and hold her for 18 years! Allegedly.

And father two children by her. Allegedly.

While his wife looked on? Allegedly. As details of Garrido’s past come to light, you’ve got to wonder if any child is safe, anywhere.

It now seems the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard was the culmination of Phillip Garrido’s long criminal career.

He and his wife managed to abduct and keep her captive while being under the “supervision” of law enforcement the whole time. His rap sheet makes you wonder how he was even walking the street in 1991.


In 1977 he was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison for kidnapping and raping a 25 year old woman, and taking her across state lines from California to Nevada.

A Nevada court sentenced him to 5 years to life in the same case.

You would think that would be that?

50 years as well as 5 to life.

Yet Phillip Garrido was paroled on the federal beef in 1988, then sent to serve the Nevada sentence. However, he was automatically eligible for parole because of the federal time he served. After four trips to the parole board, Garrido was freed in August 1988. That would be three years before he allegedly kidnapped Jaycee Dugard.

You do the maths.

Phillip Garrido served about 20% of his federal sentence. Had he done just one third of his time, he wouldn’t have been out to snatch this young girl. And all this doesn’t begin to explain how Garrido managed to keep Dugard and their two children together so well hidden. Two years after the abduction, he was jailed on a parole violation. Aside from that, the guy was a convicted sex offender. Yet it doesn’t appear that parole officials or anyone else in California found anything wrong with Phillip Dugard. Not even when a 911 call brought police to his home in 2006. That call alleged that children were living in tents behind his house.

So what do we have here? Is it that there isn’t enough money spent on supervising parolees? Is it that law enforcement didn’t dig deep enough to find the tents housing Jaycee Dugard and her kids on Phillip Garrido’s property?

The question must also be asked, what kind of monster does this to an innocent child of 11? And how do you explain to two children, ages 11 and 15, the horror that brought them into this world?

So many questions. So few answers. Do you have any?
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7 thoughts on “How Did Phillip Garrido Keep His Secret?”

  1. You know most of these so called “police/ parole officers” always have a chip on their shoulders, and even when they fail at their jobs they appear arrogant like saying “what are you going to do”, let’s face it, she saved herself, she was not saved by the authorities. Does anyone believe that the authorities were still investigating her disappearance? The car used in her kidnapping was in the backyard, the lazy ass cops didn’t even bother to go through the backyard when the information indicated that kids were living back there, they didn’t check local schools to see if the kids were going to school or even asked to see the kids, no report to child protective services, boy how lazy can you be and still pick up your public service check, not to mention the parole officers who failed to visit and find out where this freak was living and what he was doing. I guess she was taken in 1991, and in 1993 (only two years later) after violating probation he spent for 4 months in federal prison (California have yet to release any details of that violation or explain why he was again released into the community). Nevada officials said they were never notified of Garrido’s parole violation, which would have allowed the state to revoke his parole. Had California parole inspected his home in 1993, we would not be here now asking questions, we would be saying our system works, now I am not sure of anything. Because now I wonder how many more of these freaks are in our country doing the same thing under the noses of our so called authorities.

    Yes, I agree he should have served all the time for his first offense, but don’t let our authorities off the hook. I can only say if you have a neighbor that fits this profile, call and call again to try to ensure that this does not happen again. Simply amazing.

  2. I agree with Paul 100% about not letting the authorities off the hook. When someone suspects that a child is in danger the police should absolutely do all they can to make sure they have thoroughly examined the claim. Yes, we all have rights and the police can only do so much about where they can search, true. But I still cannot believe that they didn’t have enough probable cause to look in the back yard – of course they did.

    As for Mark’s question about how these monsters are created…it seems as if no two cases are the same. Patterns of sexual abuse in families are the most common examples of this. Stranger abuse/abductions are rare compared to the amount of horrors that occur within “average” American families. People who appear to be “normal” who sexually abuse his or her daughter or son or their own siblings are typically repeating what happened to them as children. That we do know. But why and how did these cycles begin in the first place? I have lots of theories involving control and sexual oppression in our culture, too many to go into here and it’s beside the point.

    But when it comes to this guy and others like him (ie the guy who abducted Elizabeth Smart)…the whole thing about his (Garrido’s) dad saying that he did a lot of drugs back in the day which led him to become a “crazy man” is interesting. It’s true, drug use can trigger underlying mental illnesses but it’s possible this guy was mentally ill all along and was self medicating at that time. It is extremely rare for people with mental illness like Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia to ever become calculating, violent sexual criminals – VERY rare. BUT when they do – they go all out. David Koresh is one. They guy who took Smart is another. Jim Jones was high as a kite on his mania – you could hear it in his laugh – creepy as hell. I see a lot of similarities to these men in Garrido. Delusions of grandeur, religious fanaticism, Jesus-complexes, out-of-control hubris, domineering personalities, the need to create their own world order/universe, narcissism, etc – these are all VERY extreme symptoms that can come from out-of-check mania that occurs in Bipolar disorder. It is also true that people with severe Bipolar can experience audio hallucinations and other forms of psychosis that are typically found in schizophrenia, leading them to “carry out orders”, if you will. So, in short, my theory is that both Garrido and his wife are complete nut jobs. I just learned she met him while he was serving time for a rape conviction. She’s not the only woman who has ever met her husband that way and those women are off their rockers – with what? I dunno.

    So that’s just one theory, that this guy is mentally ill and has NEVER been on any medication and inevitably spun out of control. He’s nothing like anyone I know with mental illness who, though they are sick, are highly functioning people with normal lives – they are the majority. People like him are the exception to the rule but they exist. And, just like sexual criminals who aren’t mentally ill at all, they can be very very very dangerous. And its easy when you have accomplices such as a devoted wife or a devoted cult of vulnerable people following you to get away with such horrible acts.

  3. Too bad he didn’t have a bag of weed on him when he got busted for the earlier rape.
    They would have nailed him into the prison.
    I’ve seen guys who sold pot do more time!

  4. What about his wife. He was remanded back into prison on a parole violation for 5 months. Less than 2 years after he kidnapped the child. If the wife had fled or atleast released the child, she would not have had to endure rape nor have two pregnancies nor have missed out on the last 16 years.. The children were not born until she was 14. They need to put both of them in public access in a federal pen and let the inmates show them what abuse is.

  5. I saw the picture People magazine released of Jaycee and I was so happy to see a beautiful and happy young woman. There is no trace of sadness in her eyes even though she has been through so much pain and suffering. I know that the future will bring nothing but goodness to her life as she continues to recover with the support of her loved ones.

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