Is Dick Cheney Above the Law?

He obviously thinks he is. How else to explain his veiled threat not to co-operate with the probe of detainee interrogation? We already know he doesn’t like the probe. He’s called it partisan, says the techniques used by the CIA were legal and saved lives, blah blah, blah.

Yet when asked in a Fox News interview if he’d talk to prosecutor John Durham once the probe got started, here’s what Cheney said. “It will depend on the circumstances and what I think their activities are really involved in.” That would seem to mean he won’t talk to Durham unless he feels like it. Right now, that means he doesn’t feel like it.

What makes Cheney think he, as a former elected official, is empowered to thumb his nose at a legitimate inquiry? And why is he taking the position that anything the CIA did in the wake of September 11th was legal and warranted?

The former VP went on in the interview to mention how this investigation will demoralize the intelligence community. This is old stuff. He wants us to believe any look back at how the Bush Administration conducted the war on terror must be an organized plot by the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Some facts to keep in mind. President Obama has said only those who acted without legal authorization face the possibility of legal action. Both the president and Attorney General Eric Holder have said those who acted on legal advice from the Justice Dept. won’t be prosecuted.

And of course, there’s Cheney’s assertion that even those interrogators who went over the line provided crucial intelligence that saved the lives of Americans. Even Sen. John McCain got off the bus on that one. So you have to go back to the question, why? Why is Dick Cheney the point man on this? He wasn’t even president at the time, and the guy who was doesn’t talk nearly as much about it.

No, Dick Cheney has a personal stake in all this. Does he worry about a trail of illegality that stops at his door? Does he think there’s no way an investigation that hasn’t even begun yet can be fair to those involved? If the probe is political, what is his response to it?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney
Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Methinks this guy has much to hide, and he’s hiding behind the people at the CIA, the people who tried to do their jobs properly and legally. That is truly sad. Let me say this from the left wing of the Democratic Party. The investigation should go forward. If Cheney refuses to talk to the prosecutor, let the full weight of the law fall on his head. And if it turns out he broke the law, let him be prosecuted!

What’s wrong with that?
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2 thoughts on “Is Dick Cheney Above the Law?”

  1. I think Vice President Dick Cheney is a perfect example of an individual who exercises the power of self actualization:

    He believes he is above the law and therefore his environment bends to his will.

    And to show you his utter contempt for the first executive administration headed by an African American, he continues to push the envelope.

    Daring them to cross the line. He is playing a high stakes game of Gotcha well because he continues to make the Obama Administration blink in their response.

    Sad to say, the Obama Administration is playing into his hands on this issue.

    The President and his Men (and women) have to be willing to up the ante by arresting a low profile individual and shipping them off to The Hague to face trial for crimes against Humanity.

    Then we’ll see who blinks (remember, a lot more Lyndon Johnson and a lot less Jimmy Carter)

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