Obama a US Citizen? Some in Congress Still Doubt

So you thought the right wing crazies who questioned President Obama’s citizenship during last year’s campaign folded their tents and went home? Guess again.

And to make matters worse, some of these people actually walk around Congress as elected officials!

Consider Rep. Bill Posey, Republican of Florida. He’s introduced a bill that would require candidates for president to supply their birth certificates to the Federal Elections Commission in order to be eligible to run.

At first, his bill had little support. Now, however, others have jumped on the bandwagon. Three members of the House from Texas, John Culberson, John Carter and Randy Neugebauer, along with Rep. Robert Goodlatte of Virginia have signed on as co-sponsors. Last week Georgia Congressman John Campbell joined the “I wanna see a birth certificate” movement. Sen. Tom Coburn says he’ll support the bill if it reaches the Senate.

What color is the sky in their world? Neugebauer told a Texas talk show host he’s “never seen him produce documents that would say one way or another”. Hello?


Factcheck.org has done the research these dolts haven’t got the brains to do themselves. They found Obama’s birth announcement in a local paper, and a copy of the certificate with a raised seal and the stamp of the state registrar. That won’t deter these people, however. They’ll simply say they’re forgeries.

Then there’s World Net Daily. The conservative site has reportedly begun fundraising for billboards across the country questioning Obama’s citizenship. What this all boils down to is the simple fact that some people will never be satisfied that this president is in fact a US citizen. Like their friends who continue to trumpet his middle name as if it’s some call to jihad (like he had a choice in the matter), these mental midgets have a vested interest in portraying Barack Obama as the Other.

It is precisely the Other that has left a stain across the legacy of this great nation. In many cases, the Other was based on race or ethnicity. That component simply can’t process the notion of a black president. However, when politicians get involved, you’ve got to figure there’s another motive here, one of speaking to the worst in America for the sake of grabbing or maintaining powder.


Those members of Congress who are dumb enough to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill requiring a birth certificate to run for president are frighteningly transparent. That’s why, unless I miss my guess, the bill will only be a topic of conversation on right wing radio and television. That, after all, is where the “Obama’s not a citizen” movement got its start.

Am I nuts here? Do you think this bill has any chance of passing? You tell me.

NB: Thanks to Think Progress for the info on this.

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